Airlines can now access a Social Media Command Centre as a Service

SimpliFlying is thrilled to announce its partnership with Singapore’s leading digital agency, Happy Marketer, to offer an on-demand social media command centre, as a service. Airlines can just subscribe to the service and get going in no time and at a fraction of a cost, compared to traditional solutions.

“Crises aren’t what they used to be” is a cliché that we can easily see an airline veteran use, and it is a very truthful one. Until recently the only situations that would activate an airline crisis team were major accidents, hurricanes and volcanoes with unpronounceable names. Today all it takes is a rogue tweet, an upset Instagrammer or an overbooked flight for social media to go crazy.

Most airlines simply don’t have the tools or people to spot and let alone manage, these crises before they get out of hand, especially on the social media front.

Command centres are an ideal solution. They are physical places where outside information comes together and is escalated to the right place and acted upon.

Rising demand for social media command centres

Recently we have seen a surge in airlines asking for help in setting up their command centres. We have recently set up three of them at airlines in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and North America.

For most airlines setting up a command centre is a lengthy process that can take anything between 9 and 18 months. There are vendors to select, IT-departments to work with, escalation systems to design, staff to train and an endless stream of steps to follow.  At the end of this, there is a large bill in the hundreds of thousands even for the most basic setup.

We have now created a way for airlines to skip the hassle and utilise the full power of a social media command centre in little time and a fraction of the budget.

Command centres as a service

Leveraging on 10 years of airline consulting experience and partnering with Happy Marketer we are now launching a simple solution: a command centre that can be set up in 2-3 weeks and where the airline only pays for what it uses.

“Once we’re all set up and running, a derogatory social media post going viral can result in a press statement or a tweet, on the CEO’s desk for approval in 20 mins. Yes, within twenty minutes of the incident,” says Shashank Nigam, the CEO of SimpliFlying.

Our consultants will assess the airline needs, train the relevant people and create the escalation systems while Happy Marketer’s team will set up the monitoring system and tools that the airline will need.  Airlines will have a choice from a plethora of top social media listening and engagement tools based on the region they are in.

“Given our experience in setting up and managing digital command centres for large-scale regional enterprises like SMRT in Singapore, we are excited to partner SimpliFlying to bring our services to leading airlines in the world and to offer it as a packaged service. The core idea is to remove the hassles of large capex investments that clients face in setting up a command centre and to leverage our set of digital intelligence tools and SOPs to assist the airlines in managing crises and their brand reputation in the digital domain”, says Prantik Mazumdar, managing partner at Happy Marketer.


About Happy Marketer

Happy Marketer is a leading integrated digital marketing consulting firm with clients across multiple domains headquartered out of Singapore. Its team spans Singapore and India and is 50+ members strong and growing. Happy Marketer’s sole purpose is to make marketers and clients happy through results-oriented, data-driven and creative digital marketing campaigns.

About SimpliFlying

SimpliFlying is the world’s leading aviation marketing consulting firm, having worked with over 85 airlines and airports in the last ten years. With teams based in Singapore, India, Spain, UK and Canada, SimpliFlying provides airlines with a global and a 24/7 support. We help airlines become remarkable. The command centre as a service offering is yet another way in furthering our mission.

Want to learn more about how can a command centre as a service enhance your crisis management? Drop us a line at

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