SimpliFlying Global Institute Webinar

Next week the SimpliFlying Global Institute is hosting a free webinar where we will share branding lessons from the airline industry, developed by Shashank Nigam.

We will specifically discuss why airline marketing is different along with Shashank’s proprietary 6X Airline Branding Model and more.

The webinar will showcase content from our Airline Marketing Fundamentals course, and offer great deals and free downloads.

We have 2 sessions available on Thursday 11 July 2019, to accommodate for various time-zones.

First session: 10AM GMT+2
Second session: 5PM GMT +2

Register for here for free:

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SimpliFlying is the leading consulting firm that specialises in aviation marketing and innovation. We are one of the largest in the world, having worked with over 80 airlines and airports globally. Headquartered in Singapore, we also have presences in Canada, Spain and the UK. What we offer – consulting, training and reports – is derived from insights derived while working deeply within the industry. We intensively research trends, question assumptions and apply them to the realities of the aviation industry. Our growing list of clients includes American Airlines, Cebu Pacific, Turkish Airlines, LATAM Airlines, Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Toronto Pearson Airport. If you're keen to tap our expertise, email us at
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