A test, combined with short quarantine picks up 100% of COVID cases

How can you stop 100% of COVID cases getting through by air travel? Test, introduce a short quarantine and then test again.

 God Save The Points has an overview of what happened when Toronto Pearson, Air Canada and McMaster Labs tested 13,000 arriving passengers.

 1 – Less than 1% actually tested positive for COVID on arrival, though this could be because only certain classes of visitor are currently able to enter Canada

 2 – Out of that 1%, 80% were already detected by the first test.

 3 – The other 20% of infected passengers were detected over the next seven days when they were isolating.

 Of course, a seven day travel quarantine programme, though better than two weeks, is not going to reopen travel.

That’s why at SimpliFlying we’ve recommended a “Testing +” strategy. This involves a test on departure for all and a test on arrival for some.

That test on arrival could be for people from high risk countries, and could involve a short period of isolation followed by a second test as happened in Canada.

 We then recommend supplementing testing with bio-safety measures and a track and trace system.

 For more details, visit the Testing+ page on our website

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