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This the editorial from the January 2020 issue of Airline Marketing Monthly, the world’s only aviation marketing trade magazine.  You can either read it by clicking on the link above, or if you prefer a static PDF version, you can access it here.

Welcome to the first issue of 2020.  To mark the new decade, we’ve got a few changes for how AMM works.

First of all, last month we published a special edition completed devoted to so-called ‘flight shaming.’ We were really pleased with the amount of positive feedback that we got from it, and that many in the industry found it useful.

As a result, we’re now running a regular sustainability news section within AMM.

We’ll also be launching a series of products and services to help aviation brands meet some of the challenges they are facing from environmental activists, the media as well as wider consumer audiences concerned about climate change.

We’ll be announcing more details of these in the next issue, but if you have an immediate requirement, please get in touch

We’ll also be moving our archive, which encompasses 1500 articles about aviation marketing going back five years, behind a paywall, accessible to anyone who pays a small one off cost, or who takes part in a course at the SimpliFlying Global Institute.

The most recent issues however will always be freely available.  In fact, we’re looking at giving our email subscribers wider access than anyone who just comes to our website, so if you are not already on the email subscription list you can sign up here.  

Influencer Marketing with Tagger

Just about every airport or airline uses, or has in the past used, influencers.  Those influencers are used for everything from promoting new destinations, to showcasing new lounge or cabin products.

But if you are currently running influencer marketing campaigns, are they as effective as they could be?

That’s why we’ve published an industry guide into influencers.  Produced in partnership with Tagger, it looks at everything from fake followers, to why Instagram hiding likes is a good thing, to a suggestion on the metrics you should be looking at beyond just how many followers does someone have.

Tagger is an award-winning, intuitive, all-in-one Influencer Marketing platform that allows brands, agencies, and media companies to maximize their Influencer marketing strategies and campaign ROI throughout every phase of planning, discovery, activation, and reporting.  

You can find out more about them, and also schedule a demo here.

Finally, is your aviation brand running any marketing campaigns that you think we should know about?  Get in touch by emailing me – dirk AT

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