#ThenAndNow – The Airline Uniform Edition

Airline passenger experience has changed dramatically in the past six months. Nowhere is that most visible than in airline uniform. So we decided to pull together a #ThenAndNow, the airline edition, to showcase the changes.

We wanted to highlight the current change in global aviation in a clear manner. Hence, we decided to create an airline version of the #ThenAndNow challenge, that is currently trending on social media. Our challenge features airline uniforms from different parts of the world. After all, the airline crew are the face of the industry, isn’t it?

Helping you craft the future of travel

The pandemic has re-shaped the customer journey in ways unimaginable till recently. At SimpliFlying, we’re leading the charge in ensuring that airlines build trust even as they re-think passenger experience.

Next month, you can join us to help craft the future in two ways:

  1. Join the next Covid AvMonthly briefing led by Dirk Singer on what the customer journey will look like in the future and what you need to do today to be ready.
  2. Join the SimpliFlying Launchpad demo day on Nov 19 where top startups/technologies re-thinking customer journey will present. It is completely FREE for airlines and airports!

We are eager to see you crafting the future of travel with us.

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