Report – Twelve COVID Air travel trends and predictions

Will vaccines be the silver bullet? Will we ever go back to the “old normal”? What should airlines and airports do today to be ready? We tackle these issues and more in the 12 predictions for travel in 2021.

To kickstart the year, we have put together a detailed deck that you may want to circulate with your colleagues and peers on how the year may turn out. The key action items for airlines and airports that want to come out on top are on the last few slides.

The twelve trends and predictions:
1 – The new flight shaming
2 – The new strains change everything
3 – Travel bans are popular (for now)
4 – Bans will get tougher before they start to loosen
5 – Travel restrictions will be the last to go
6 – The recovery will be patchy
7 – Biosafety measures outweigh on-time performance
8 – Testing is here to stay
9 – In some countries, vaccines will ease travel
10 – There will be a vaccine hierarchy in travel
11 – The age of the pandemics is here
12 – Environmental and health issues will merge
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