52 Airline Marketing Strategies to engage today’s traveler: A walkthrough of our free iPhone app!

SimpliFlying launches World’s first iPhone app for airline executives!

“This changes everything. Again.” It is only apt that we use the iPhone 4 tagline to kickstart our new iPhone app for airline marketing executives. For quite some time now, SimpliFlying has been at the cutting-edge of thought-leadership in airline branding and marketing. We’ve always strived to offer the latest and most incisive analyses on how to drive customer engagement and loyalty using latest technologies.

While we do offer speaking and consulting services as well as paid MasterClasses and webinars, we have always been high on providing free goodies. This blog regularly provides free advice, insights, infographics, presentations and more! In the last 3 months, as part of our new Top 10 series, we’ve also released free slide-decks containing over 30 case-studies of how airlines and airports are leveraging social media to drive business goals such as loyalty, revenue and engagement. (Watch out for the next set due to be released next week!)

Now, we’re bringing our cutting-edge insights to your pockets, literally!

How will it change your life?

It’s simple – just turn on the app once a week, try to answer one question (hence 52 questions, for the year), challenge your team to work on it or just ask us how!

First, a few questions for airline marketing folks reading this:

  1. Are you engaging your airline’s customers using the mediums they are on? (as opposed to where your competitors are)
  2. Do you know which questions to ask of your team when selecting social media channels to drive awareness?
  3. Can you combine social platforms with cutting-edge execution to drive revenue, engagement and loyalty?

If  you’re unsure about the answers to any of these questions, fret not. You can now carry around the solutions wherever you go! SimpliFlying’s iPhone app asks 52 thought-provoking questions (with accompanying resources) that will help you and your team think more incisively about how to enable your airline brand to fly even higher over the next year, using the latest social channels.

How does it work? Read on to find out!

Jet, set, go!

Once you’re past the welcome screen (shown above) you’ll be hit with your last accessed question. If you’re a newbie, this will be question 1. Here’s what a typical question card looks like.

You’ll notice that there are multiple parts to the app interface with a number of tabs and buttons. But don’t be intimidated. In the next couple of minutes you’ll be absolutely proficient at using this app without even using it!

The major part of the card is taken up the question and the answer to it. Yes, we’ve offered you suggested answers but do not take them as the last word on the question asked. Most of the questions asked are open-ended. There is much scope for you and your team to brainstorm about solutions despite our handy resources.

Once you’ve read the question you might want to think about it before reading the answer. Once you do read the answer, you can take one or all of three possible actions.

1. Ask us how

Tap this button to instantly send us an email enquiring how to go about tackling the challenge the question poses (along with a snapshot of that particular card).


2) Challenge your team

Tap this button to instantly send your chosen team-members an email, along with a snapshot of the card, asking them to brainstorm about the question asked.


3) Read more

Tap this button to be taken to an online resource that will help you think about the question better. This could range from a web application to blog posts on SimpliFlying.



Navigating the app is really simple. Flip through the cards like you would flip the pages of an ebook or photos on the iPhone. The bottom bar is a nifty device that makes it really easy for you flip to the cards of your choice. You’ll notice that it has five tabs All Tips, Frequency, Exposure, Yield, Conversion.

“All Tips” will take you through the cards in serial order.

The other four tabs will help you scroll through cards that are relevant to only those categories.

So what do those 4 categories mean to you, as a marketing executive at an airline? In short:

  1. Frequency – It get travelers to fly your airline more often
  2. Exposure – It gets more travelers aware of your airline, hence driving reach
  3. Yield – It drives more revenue per passenger
  4. Conversion – Your look-to-book ratio will be improved

And that’s it! You’re ready to download the app and take your airline to even greater heights as you get your grey cells rolling while using this app!

Get it now!

And in case you missed reading this earlier, this app is absolutely free! You can download it here.

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