SimpliTravel: Top 10 Airline Initiatives to Engage today’s Connected Traveler during the Travel Stage
The SimpliTravel phase of the Connected Traveler Lifecycle is undoubtedly the oldest and more easily understood part of the lifecycle. It refers to the period when the customer is actually traveling. However, this is also a challenging stage because, even though users carry with them an ever-increasing number of devices, the availability of internet connection is still an issue, especially during international travel. (Previous Top 10s have showcased initiatives during the SimpliDream, SimpliPlan and SimpliBook stages of travel for today’s Connected Traveler.)


Beyond the traditional element

Most airlines and airports have traditionally regarded this phase as “the” point of contact between them and their customers. As a result, a lot of attention has been given to designing better user experiences trough interior design, crowd management, and employee-training techniques. It is important, however, to stress that while the “traditional” personal experience represents the bulk of the user experience in this stage, mobile and social technologies are increasingly in demand and do have the potential to significantly enhance the experience.

In this Top 10, we take a look at the best ways in which airlines have attempted to engage today’s increasingly connected and socially-savvy travelers during this phase of travel. We hope you’ll enjoy it :


Featured Image: Courtesy KLM

Marco Serusi

Marco Serusi

Marketing Consultant at SimpliFlying
Marco is a Marketing Consultant at SimpliFlying and is based in Valencia, Spain. He is a subject matter expert and consultant on social media practice in aviation. He has contributed extensively to thought-leadership in this space as well as held training workshops for senior aviation executives on behalf of SimpliFlying. He advises clients globally on aviation marketing strategy. He’s Italian, but has lived in several countries since he was 18, earning an Air Transport degree in the UK, a pilot license in Florida and an MBA in Spain. He now lives in Valencia, Spain where he previously worked as a Marketing Director.

You can talk to him in Italian, English or Spanish. You can also tweet him at @simplimarco, e-mail him at
Marco Serusi
Marco Serusi

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