SimpliDream – Top 10 Airline Initiatives that Inspire Travel

Let’s face it, the life of an Airline isn’t easy. And it’s not just fuel prices, it’s the product.

Many airlines spend a lot of time and energy in making sure that their “in-flight” product is the best and they are probably making a good investment however, no matter how good the product is, the truth is that very few people would book a flight for the sheer pleasure of being seated for long hours in a well-designed, good-looking pressurized metal tube.

While the in-flight experience might be crucial in selecting one tube over another, the real reason that drives people to travel by air is the destination. Until not so long ago, when the airline industry had not yet heard of open-skies, the number of available routes was lower and passengers had little choice.

The New Connected Traveler Lifecycle

Today, things have changed: competition has intensified and  “social media” has exponentially increased the would-be passenger’s ability to communicate, share, and influence each other. In short, today’s travelers have become more social, competition has intensified, and the good old traveler’s lifecycle has been redesigned to reflect the one below, as has been discussed by our CEO, Shashank Nigam, in his keynote speeches (watch video explanation of the concept).

With today’s Top 10, we’ll take a look at how airlines have tried to inspire customers to travel, influencing  the “SimpliDream” stage where the would-be travelers are yet to make a decision on where to travel. This case-pack shows how airlines are influencing people into taking the first step towards traveling by dreaming about it. Go ahead – read the case-studies, inspire yourself!


Know of more such initiatives? Think your airline is doing a better job? Tell us below in the comments or tweet us @simpliflying.


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