By Shubhodeep Pal

As the year draws to a close, many airlines are preparing for the holiday season with attractive campaigns directed to draw maximum audiences as well as revenues. While it’s great to plan and execute what you think are innovative campaigns, are you keeping an eye on competitors as well? In the ultimate analysis, it will be your edge versus your immediate competition that will stand you in good stead.

The Monthly Airline Marketing Benchmark Report helps in keeping abreast of the most innovative thing airlines across the world are doing to engage their customers as well as increase their customer base. Comprising 15 of the most innovative marketing and advertising campaigns by airlines across the world, this report is produced in partnership with our good friends at The November report is the third in the series that started in November. (View past issues here.)

What’s in the November Report?

The November issue features 15 great campaigns from airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Air New Zealand, Southwest Airlines, Lufthansa and more! There are four categories of campaigns in the report, which begins with great campaigns from Virgin Atlantic, who set up a live pop-up bar in Lower Manhattan to emulate their new First Class product  and JetBlue who offered its customers “Election Protection”.

We then feature case studies from around the aviation world, focusing on experiential marketing campaigns, social media campaigns and traditional marketing initiatives. From Southwest Airlines’ “porch” concept to Monarch Airlines’ augmented reality initiative to Norwegian Airlines’ “Rain Meter”.

If you’re already excited, you should go ahead and grab the report right away!

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About the Report

Jointly produced by SimpliFlying, and industry and consumer trends research agency,, the Airline Marketing Benchmark Report analyses a wide range of airline marketing case studies each month.

The monthly report contains a selection of the 15 most innovative marketing and advertising campaigns launched by airlines around the world and assesses their impact. If you are a numbers person, you’d love our report too!

How will it help you?

This monthly report is indispensable for airline executives, specifically in marketing and communications, who wish to understand how their organizations are performing with respect to competitors and can perform better.

Creative agencies working with airlines (or looking to pitch to airlines) will also find this monthly report useful for staying on top of the latest trends and best practices in airline marketing.

Pricing and Sample Report

  • USD 4950 per year  | Annual subscription  - 12 issues, starting from the month of order.
  • USD 495 per month | Monthly subscription - Same as above, but charged monthly.
  • USD 550 per report | Single monthly issue  – For a one-time purchase
You can download a sample report here.


Click here if you have any questions about the report.

You can also contact Shubhodeep Pal directly at for queries regarding the reports.

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