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SimpliFlying Buzz

Dear Readers,

Thanks for all your support for this blog in the past 9 months since we started. It gives me great pleasure to share with you that SimpliFlying will be launching a new micro-site, SimpliFlying Buzz, on Nov 3, 2008. SimpliFlying Buzz will be the first airline marketing and branding portal on the web, which will scour the web for the latest news, comments, reviews and articles around issues relating to airline branding.

Furthermore, the site will highlight quotes by key executives in the industry, and you’ll be able to browse through the site by selecting a specific airline and viewing all articles around it. The site will be powered by HiveFire’s revolutionary technology which automates these processes. Till November 3, we look forward to your continued support.

For your reading pleasure, here are some of our most popular posts till now:

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