The Air New Zealand brand bares all – CEO and staff go nude in latest TV advertisement

Air New Zealand B737-319 ZK-NGI
Image by jackol via Flickr


This is what I call daring branding! Air New Zealand has just come up with an advertisement that features the airline CEO and staff appear in nothing but body paint. The point they’re trying make is that “they’ve got nothing to hide” with their all-in prices, as opposed to budget carriers. The fares Air New Zealand advertises include baggage allowance and refreshments. In an age of rising ala-carte styled pricing, this is indeed refreshing.

A brand pushing the envelope

Air New Zealand has a history of fearless innovation – be it the introduction of an in-flight conceirge at a time when other airlines were cutting service levels, or now this advertisement, which is bound to catch people’s attention. And with all the buzz such videos create on social media these days, there’s a very high chance of this going viral too! Who would mind that? Probably just Air New Zealand’s competitors.

The carrier says that the aim is to differentiate Air New Zealand from competitors “who levy additional charges if a passenger wants to simply check a bag or have a drink”.

And what better way to do this than to simply, bare all. Enjoy the advertisement below and the “making-of” video. Sure looks very cold down under to be shooting that advertisement!

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  • Curtis

    Glad to see that some of the airlines are taking the path of – you get what you pay for and it’s included. I’ve never flown NZ – but the in-flight conceirge could be pretty handy. I’ve used the wi-fi on AirTran and it’s a nice perk.

  • Benjamin Barreras

    Air New Zealand is ahead of its time:) Brilliant Marketing Campaign and if you have ever flown Air New Zealand you would understand why. My Wife and kids are all New Zealanders….Go Kiwi’s!

  • Sumit Roy

    WOW. What a great branding idea.

    Air New Zealand must be getting getting both great “word-of-mouth” as well as “word-of-mouse” out of dressing up their people in “body paint”.

    One of the best ideas I have since this century. Great example of a branding idea that works well across integrated media.


  • Sumit Roy

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  • Donna

    What a fantastic ad. The marketing campaign shows they are really innovative and want to differentiate how far ahead they are from the ‘buy on board’ mob. Great to see quality still in flying – you’ve got my $pend every time Air New Zealand.

  • Lasitha Dananjaya Ranawakage

    Well actually it depends on the person who watch the video.Some people will think its just an advertisement and some people will think with an open mind.In a way you thought.But considering Air New Zealand ,an airline which has a long history of taking risks this could be a good idea to show their intended message.

  • Pratibha

    Wow! It’s a brilliant concept & will generate great viral value over time… but i wonder what a lay consumer will make of it…
    I would assume the intent is to impact beyond NZ boundaries… am not so sure what a consumer who flies lets say SQ or even the ariline with the attitute that goes “meant-for -outback-sheep-farmer” :Qantas would have to say about this…….For it to truly have a beyond-NZ-Boundary impact, they would need to take this to the next level… Would be interesting to see how that happens!

  • Beth

    I love it. Air New Zealand here I come. 🙂

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