Tweepitition launched for aviation geeks. Win 5 autographed books on Singapore Airlines and a 4GB iPod!



Announcing, SimpliFlying’s first Tweepitition!

Tweepitition n. |tweep-iti-tion| – A competition for people on Twitter (Tweeple) where they can win great prizes like a 4GB Apple iPod shuffle (the one that talks!) and five autographed copies of the outstanding book on Singapore Airlines, “Flying High in a Competitive Industry: Secrets of the World’s Leading Airline”.

Why this competition? Why now?

SimpliFlying has been publishing three articles on airline branding per week for 15 months now. And we’ve been showered with a lot of love. Almost 180 articles have been read over 65,000 times! Sometime in the next two weeks, SimpliFlying will be re-launched with a fresh, new look that will offer a much better user experience.

Let’s just say that we’re re-branding this Summer and wanted to thank our avid readers with something relevant (the book on SIA!) and hip (what’s more hip than an iPod that talks?).

Prizes: Each of the five books will be given away through a lucky draw of people who’ve completed either of the two tasks below. Draws will be held at 11pm, Pacific Time each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the next two weeks. The iPod is the grand prize which will be given away on 15 May, 2009.

Winners will be announced on SimpliFlying and prizes will be shipped to them free of charge!

So now that you’re all excited about the prizes, let me get down to business and explain how you can win!

Winning on Twitter

  1. Follow me (@simpliflying) on Twitter [Current and new followers both qualify]
  2. For the next two weeks, pick a quote from any of the articles published on SimpliFlying and tweet it with a link to the article (see example below)
  3. Each tweet gives you one chance to win! (so, the more the merrier!)

Example: “True brand loyalists should ideally fly due to a deep emotional connection, not just miles.” – @simpliflying

Winning on SimpliFlying

  1. Subscribe to SimpliFlying updates either by  email or RSS
  2. Leave a comment on this article or one of the articles published from now till May 15, 2009
  3. If commenting on this article, “Tell us about your most memorable experience with an airline till date”

That’s it! You have to do one of the two tasks above to qualify. It’s that simple.

The easiest way to participate

Simply click the birdie in the box below and follow me on Twitter:

P.S: To make this even more relevant, all articles on SimpliFlying for the next two weeks will be on Singapore Airlines – what others can learn from one of the best airlines in the world, and what SIA itself needs to do to keep ahead of the pack in these times.

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  • P Hotchan

    Coincidentally, my most memorable experiences with an airline has been with SQ. To me, flying is not just transportation, it is an experience that i still look forward to every time i step on board an aircraft, regardless of which class i’m traveling in. With SQ, i know that which ever class i’m flying in, I can always look forward to a ‘classy’ experience. It’s the little things that count most when travelling, and in my opinion SQ does all the little things that you would never find on most other airlines with the same level of consistency.

    • Shashank Nigam

      @Hotchan: You nailed it – SIA has the consistency in delivering a great service that others lack. And that puts them in a league of their own.

  • Robin Johnson

    When Singapore Airlines announced that seats on the inaugural A380 flights to Sydney and back would be auctioned for charity. I put in a bid. As prices reached dizzy heights, I decided instead to take the first scheduled flight from Sydney a couple of days later and spend a week in Singapore and Penang. My wife and I flew on the first regular service, in Raffles Class on the upper deck.
    We had a great week, flying back to Sydney on the same aircraft, and the whole cost was less than some people paid for their seats on the much-publicised inaugural alone!
    There may have been less camera-flashes and TV interviews, but we still got to try the Suites and talk to the captain! The flight was full and on time, and the comfort and service was excellent, as expected!

  • kanika

    I have had a fantastic expericne with Virgin America.
    I flew virgin america in May 2008 on the sector Las vegas – San Francisco.At that point i ws employed with Virgin Atlantic India.having the cult virgin personality, i was amazed by the friendly, honest approach of Virgin America.My experience from booking till the arrival of baggage in SFO was superb.

    Having worked for Virgin Atlantic marketing , I know the core virgin brand values remain strong in al the products across virgin group!!!

  • Sumit Roy

    Every trip I make in an airline is memorable. I use it as research to make a living helping people grow brands:-)

    So even a bad experience (Sahara kept us at Lucknow airport for 8 hours) to good ones (Virgin Airline’s flirtatious hostesses) lead to a wealth of understanding why humans behave the way they do. All quite memorable and useful!

  • Bicky Carlra

    Some of my most memorable experiences in the air have been on SQ – miss travelling by them as much …They are by far the most consistent their service delivery than absolutely any airline in the world.

  • fastcash

    twitter what…??? personally i have never heard of this thing or program before i got onto this post. I have only heard of it when it is condraticting facebook but that is it.

  • paydaycashadvance

    Arriving in Athens was a beginning of my dream. Syntagma Square, the Parliament Building with changing guards, the Archaeological Museum, the Agora, Hadrian Arch and the Temple of Zeus were overwhelming, but the beginning of the historical adventure.

    • simpliflying

      And I loved every bit of it too!

  • denismusicalinstruments

    Woot hope i win something! Im gonna register to tweeter! CLICKED the easiest way to participate.

  • denismusicalinstruments

    Woot hope i win something! Im gonna register to tweeter! CLICKED the easiest way to participate.

  • feipor

    Singapore Airlines rests on its laurels:

    I would like to know why a company that prides itself on service and customer relations would NOT have a direct channel for feedback to its PR, Customer Relations, Marketing or Passenger Relations/Services people.

    Do those corporate honchos receive feedback, even filtered feedback? If so why is the company's response so slow?

    Before this I have mentioned that their website is not up to snuff, especially when it comes to booking and making changes. It hasn't much changed.

    But what has changed is the lounge at Chek Lap Kok (HK). No one told me it had moved so I had to find an Information Counter before I knew where to go.

    Then when I got in I met some old friends (one is retired fr SPH the other the CEO of M1). They had 2 others with them.

    To cut a long story short we all (and others I have spoken to since then) think it's crazy to have a huge lounge and yet have to use public toilets situated outside the lounge.

    D'you mean the pax that SQ flight attendants fawn over deserve public loos? Maybe they are regarded as newly rich and have money to burn but their personal hygiene standards have not caught up with their spending standards?

    Aside fr the loos which are a long hike from the back of the lounge, whoever designed the lounge should be shot.

    It has the look and feel of a foot massage parlour and non of its amenities; imagine rows of armchairs facing each other?!

    As for the eating area, design trumped service and convenience – plates etc at knee or ankle level.

    Mediocre food – why not some Singapore favourites (curry puffs and alternating Singapore noodle dishes)?

    And the only trash depository is a small flap hidden under one counter!

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion I think that this is a good deal for increasing their sales & earning more profits.People book the tickets because they are crazy of getting the gifts.

    ground service equipment

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