[Slides] Social Media Strategy for Lufthansa – how a legacy airline built a strong customer engagement model

As many of you are aware, I recently did the opening keynote on driving social ROI for airlines, at the Social Media in Travel Summit in San Francisco. I was honored to share the stage with some well-respected travel brands, like TripAdvisor, Google Travel and IHG. Though, the highlight of the conference for me were the presentations by KLM (remember Lonneke?) and the one discussion the social media of Lufthansa USA.

If you recall, the Lufthansa USA Marketing team has been behind some significant efforts in the past year, like Cloudstream – the digital carry on, and MySkyStatus – which updates your social status real-time, as you’re flying!

The presentation was made by Nicola Lange, the airline’s marketing head honcho for the Americas. Yes, it’s the same Nicola, who famously invited the guy who lost the iPhone4 prototype on a free Lufthansa flight to have beer in Germany! (Yes, Germans have a good sense of humor too 🙂

After her presentation, I had a chat with her, about the impressive work her team has put in, bringing a legacy airline into the brave new world of social media. And she kindly agreed to allow me to publish her presentation from the conference SimpliFlying readers. As you’ll see, there are a number of gems of wisdom in this presentation that will be useful in helping you craft your social media and customer engagement strategy. One such screenshot is highlighted below, and the full presentation is embedded in this article as well.

I’m sure you’d have learnt a lot of things from this presentation by Lufthansa. What’re some of your tips/lessons learnt by implementing social media in your organization? Let’s hear it in the Comments or over on Twitter!

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    superb !! and Latin America , still siesta time? Am i missing something important.

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