UPDATED: 3rd Annual SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media – Nominations now OPEN for Airlines, Airports and Agencies

Update: Please see under “Important Dates” for the latest updates in the dates.


It’s that time of the year again! As SimpliFlying expands its insights bank with more research initiatives, we see more airlines and airports around the world taking social customer engagement to greater heights. What’s more, they’re getting better at driving business goals through social media too.

To recognize and showcase innovative airlines and airports in this space, the SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media are back for a third year. Last year we received over 70 nominations spread across 4 categories and, subsequently, over 35,000 votes for the shortlisted candidates. This year, we’re back bigger and better than before. We’ve added an additional, brand-new category and have revamped and streamlined the awards process further.


Awards Categories

  1. Best Use of Social Media to Drive Revenue
  2. Best Use of Social Media to Drive Customer Service
  3. Best Airline in Social Media
  4. Best Airport in Social Media
  5. Best Social Media Solution Provider for Travel

Note: We have added a fifth category – Best Social Media Solution Provider for Travel – to recognize innovative work done by the partners of airlines and airports (such as agencies and tool providers). This is the only category with a €290 entry fee and where the judges’ decision is final – no votes are needed.

Awards Process and Criteria

Each award category is open for nominations – you’re welcome to nominate your own airline/airport too. For the Best Use of Social Media to Drive Revenue, and Customer Service categories, hotels and OTAs are also invited to attend.

Based on the quality of the nomination entries, 7 finalists will be shortlisted by SimpliFlying for each award category. One of them will be a wildcard entry chosen from Simpliflying Heroes 2012.

These 7 finalists will be judged on:

  • The number of votes (50% of final score)
  • Presentation pitch and interview with judges (50% of final score)

For each category, Top 3 winners will be declared. The Judges will subsequently have a 30-minute interview with each finalist and decide on the winners up to a month before the awards ceremony, to be held at the EyeforTravel Summit in Amsterdam on Oct 3, 2012.

The judges will declare Top 3 winners from each category about a month before the actual ceremony. The overall winner for each category will be informed privately and invited to present their initiatives at Amsterdam. Please note that in cases where there is a huge discrepancy between votes and judges’ scores, the judges have the power to overturn the mandate of the votes.

Note: Votes will not be counted in their absolute numbers but as percentages of the fan-base (Facebook, Twitter) to level the playing field.

Important Dates

  • July 23 – Nominations for each award category open.
  • Aug 5 Nominations close.
  • Aug 7 – Announcement of 7 finalists for each award category. Voting starts. Window for submission of presentation pitch by finalists opens.
  • Aug 25  – Voting closes. Window for submission of presentation pitch by finalists closes.
  • Aug 26 to Sep 2 – 30 minute interviews of each finalist with the Judges.
  • Oct 3 – Awards Ceremony at Eyefortravel conference in Amsterdam. (Winners will be notified privately one month before the awards.)



To support your favourite airline, please start by filling in the nomination forms below or click the link here. Nominations close Aug 5. We will announce the shortlisted finalists here on August 7. All the best!

If you have any questions, please email us at awards@simpliflying.com or tweet us @simpliflying.

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