Introducing the New SimpliFlying Experience: Simple, Powerful and Beautiful

The story of SimpliFlying’s growth is stellar. What started as a part-time #Avgeek blog turned full-time obsession with cutting edge airline marketing insights – run solely initially by our CEO/Founder Shashank Nigam – is now a leading consulting firm in aviation branding. With headquarters in Singapore and presence in New York and Vancouver, we are today a truly global firm. What’s more, in a short span of three years or so, we’ve advised over 25 airlines and airports and have helped them develop profitable customer engagement strategies. We have always walked the talk, as some statistics below show.

Growing as a Consultancy and Thought-Leader 

It is hardly an exaggeration when we claim that the industry looks to us for continual thought-leadership, insights and advice on the future of Airline and Airport Marketing 2.0 – testimonials from industry stalwarts are strewn across our website.

In keeping with our growth as a company as well as a thought-leadership outlet, we have re-designed the entire User Experience for discovering the rich offerings of SimpliFlying. While our growth as a consultancy has required that we offer clearer, more easily understood information about our products and services to potential clients, our rising readership has mandated that we make our content simpler, more easily discoverable.

Allow me to present to you the re-designed SimpliFlying Experience, carefully thought out from the ground-up with both our readers and clients in mind.

Simplification at the core: Discover, read, share and Connect

Or perhaps I should say SimpliFlication. We’ve made it much easier to navigate our wealth of articles, information and features. In just six tabs, we’ve covered everything that you’d possibly come to us for. Insights (blog) and Resources? Right up there – the first option itself. Wish to learn more about our Consulting, Training, Speaking Engagement and Products? Voila! Still need more information? Feel free click the Contact button and drop us a line.

The new, simplified navigation

The truth is you probably won’t need to use the navigation anyway. As you land on the homepage you will be greeted by a captivating slider. Wish to read our latest article? Click. Want to learn more about us? Click. Wish to see how we’ve helped our clients drive results? Click. In fact, you will be presented with our latest articles anyway if you scroll down a little. If you wish to further explore our Insights or learn about our Expertise, we’ve laid it all out for you very simply.

Our articles page will be a sheer delight to you as well. Beautifully laid out with prominent featured images and a clear, easy-to-read type, you will be rushing through our articles before you know it. Wish to learn more about the author? Scroll down. Feel like sharing our latest great article – hit the share bar on the left. Connect with us on various networks or get our articles delivered by email by clicking on the social bar at the right. Wish to read a whole lot more? There’s our new categories bar on the right where you can explore articles by major categories or even find articles featuring your airline or airport of interest.

The new article-page template


Discover more articles easily

We’re pretty sure we’ve covered everything but if you think we could offer something more, please do drop us a comment at the bottom of this post.

Learn about our Services and Products

If in the navigation bar above you’re wondering what the Expertise and Impact button does, don’t be shy: click it. Once you do, you’ll notice how a new page rolls over the one you’re on and shows you SimpliFlying’s services in detail, be it Consulting, MasterClasses, Products, Partners or Client Case-Studies. Explore each of the categories to learn more about what we offer. If you’d like to come back to this page, simply click the Expertise and Impact button again, which you’ll find has rolled down to the bottom of the screen.

Click the Expertise and Impact button to see this roll-down page

There are of course many more minor touches that we’re sure you’ll discover and enjoy as you explore our new website. Do let us know what you think of this re-design and if we could improve it further.

And we are receiving rave reviews about the new website already!

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That thing called Nostalgia

As I sign off, and we plunge into a newer age of engagement with our readers and clients, let me leave you with some images of the evolution of SimpliFlying over the years. Let a new journey begin!

The fliedgling SimpliFlying in 2009


Growing quickly – SimpliFlying in 2010


Putting on our grown-up shoes – SimpliFlying in 2011


A new evolution – The current home page in 2012


The beautiful new articles page

Shubhodeep Pal

Shubhodeep Pal

Former VP, Products and Operations at SimpliFlying
Shubhodeep Pal was leading SimpliFlying's Research, Product Development, Marketing and Business Development from December 2010 to December 2017 from the headquarters in Singapore. He has spoken at airline conferences and delivered training workshops for senior aviation executives. He has also appeared on television interviews and been quoted in publications such as the Wall Street Journal. His writings have appeared extensively on SimpliFlying and respected industry outlets such as Airlinetrends, Tnooz, Airport World, Low Cost and Regional Airline Business Magazine and Loyalty360. In a previous role, he also conducted a workshop on social media at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Singapore.
Shubhodeep Pal
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