SimpliFlying in The News – August 2012

August has been a jam-packed month for SimpliFlying and we don’t see the engine slowing down any time now. It wasn’t only SimpliFlying, our clients Estonian Air and BalticMiles have been featured prominently for their initiatives as well.


Here is a summary of where SimpliFlying has been featured in the month of August. We hope you will enjoy reading them!


‘Social’ Services

September Issue || Airline Business

Airlines that have innovated customer service though online media have elevated passenger expectations to a level that sets a high standard for others to follow, according to Shashank Nigam of SimpliFlying… Read more!

Lessons learned in social media: How Vueling should have dealt with the hijack that never was

30 August 2012 || Tnooz

By Marco Serusi -News in social media spreads fast, meaning we continuously remind our customers of the implications this can have on both customer service and crisis management for airlines. However it is not often that we get to track live just how fast this can happen. Yesterday afternoon (European Time) we had the chance to follow a potential crisis unfolding live on Twitter, analyze it as it evolved, all within 60 mins… Read more!

New MasterClass from SimpliFlying: Driving Ancillary Revenues from the Connected Traveler

29 August 2012 || Airline News Resource

Social media has been a great enabler of conversations that contributes to an airline’s customer service and crisis management functions, and now, the revenue potential from the connected traveler can now be exploited… Read more!

7 ways to maximise ancillary income and still maintain competitive advantage

August || World Low Cost Airlines Europe 2012 eBook

How does one maximise ancillary income while maintain competitive advantage? Shashank Nigam, CEO of Simpliflying, was among the industry experts interviewed on his take… Read more!

Top 10 Airline Initiatives to Engage Today’s Connected Traveler During the Travel Stage

28 August 2012 || Airline News Resource

The SimpliTravel phase of the Connected Traveler Lifecycle is undoubtedly the oldest and more easily understood part of the lifecycle. It refers to the period when the customer is actually traveling. However, this is also a challenging stage because, even though users carry with them an ever-increasing number of devices, the availability of internet connection is still an issue, especially during international travel… Read more!

Estonian Air and SimpliFlying invite agencies to create world record-breaking initiative

26 August 2012 || Breaking Travel News

Estonian Air, together with SimpliFlying, is launching a competition to Turkish marketing agencies and travel agencies for the best business ideas on filling up a 85-seater airplane. The winning agency will not only get the opportunity to create a ‘world’s first’ or ‘world’s highest’ record with an entire plane at its disposal, it will also get to keep 25% of the revenue generated from filling the plane… Read more!

This news also appeared in Focus on Travel News, 21 August 2012 and Havayolu 101, 22 August 2012.

BalticMiles’ brainstorming session generates big response from travellers

22 August 2012 || APEX

BalticMiles, the independent, multi-partner loyalty programme, has seen its profile rise in recent weeks, after soliciting ideas from travellers for creating a new level of membership. Dubbed the “1st ever crowdsourced loyalty points program”, which BalticMiles conceptualised with Simpliflying, an application developed by Napkin Labs was integrated into the BalticMiles Facebook page… Read more!

South African airline Mango reveals drivers behind strong inflight Wi-Fi take rates

20 August 2012 || APEX

In the face of last year’s reports that inflight Wi-Fi was attracting take rates of roughly 5% in the United States, Simpliflying CEO Shashank Nigam vocally advocated for airlines to provide the service for free to passengers in order to achieve sustainably high levels of adoption.But it seems that South African carrier Mango has been able to get there despite charging for Wi-Fi. In an interview with Nigam, Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout reveals… Read more!

AAdvantageGeek – AmericanAir is on the ballot as voting begins for Best Airline in Social Media award

15 Aug 2012 || USA Today

Before last year American had made a few experimental attempts at using social media channels purely as a marketing tool, but starting in late 2010 they decided on a different approach and got serious about using social media as a way to connect with customers, address service issues, and communicate with people… Read more!

Turkish Airlines national flags QR codes

5 Aug 2012 || QR Code Artist

Turkish Airlines ad agency,  has transformed national flags into QR codes and then placed them on digital bus shelters all over London to engage Olympic fans in a London scavenger hunt. When someone scans the QR Code, they “check-in” to that flag via the mobile site… Read more!


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