SimpliPlan: Top 10 Initiatives by Airlines to Engage Travelers at the Planning Stage

In our previous Top 10 case-pack we began to analyze the New Traveler Lifecycle and, in particular, the SimpliDream or inspiration phase that takes place when the user has not made the decision to travel or felt the desire to travel. Today, we’ll take a look at the second stage of this lifecycle, that takes place when the person is motivated to travel and is looking to plan the best possible trip, be it in terms of which airline to fly, which destination to go to etc.

Some airlines have rightly recognized that there’s an opportunity to convince travelers to travel to a particular destination/on a particular airline, by engaging them in this planning phase and helping them SimpliPlan & Validate their trip. However, good initiatives are still few and far between, leaving the balance tilted in favour of those who recognize the opportunity and seize it.

We hope you enjoy this selection of case-studies and feel inspired to engage your travelers at this phase of travel as well!

Have even better initiatives in mind? Need help understanding the various stages of the new traveler lifecycle and how to engage your customers at each stage? Drop us a line at

Marco Serusi

Marco Serusi

Former Director of Consulting at SimpliFlying
Marco Serusi was Consultant at SimpliFlying from November 2011 to January 2019 and has worked on major client projects with the likes of LATAM Airlines, London Heathrow and Airbus. He has also delivered training in digital aviation strategy for hundreds of executives globally and spoken at several aviation conferences worldwide. He is well known for his cutting-edge research into crisis communications and social media trends.
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