Eindhoven Airport joins 16 airports on Google Indoor Streetview


With the rise of ‘hypermobile’ connected travellers and the fact that for the most, foreign airports can often be confusing places to find your way around, Google yesterday launched an interactive map featuring Street Views of over 65 mass-transit hubs (including train stations). Google has added 16 international airports to it Indoor Street View, which enables users to preview elements of their journey like the airport or even airplane. This is in addition to the possibility of scoping out destinations.

Eindhoven Airport – an airport used to offering unique and memorable experiences for travellers – becomes one of the first 16 airports on Google Indoor Streetview and is part of a unique list of locations like Waterloo Station in London, Tokyo International Airport and an Airbus A380 from Emirates.

Google Indoor Street View offers you the possibility to navigate through Eindhoven Airport’s terminal even before you’re at the airport, so you can already find your way, find out how to spend your time and start your trip stress free.

Navigate through Eindhoven Airport on Google Indoor Street View.


“Through Google Street View we can already help our passengers finding their way in the terminal in a unique way. This fits perfectly within our consumer experience strategy, through which we are aiming to offer our guests as much comfort and information as possible. Also this is a novelty, which makes us the first airport in the Netherlands that has been captured by Google Indoor Street View. World wide there are only 16 airport, 50 train and metro stations… and one airplane part of this launch” – Joost Meijs, CEO Eindhoven Airport .

Apps the way….

Due to increasing competition that has seen airports release an astonishing number of apps in the last few years, airports are also now trying to differentiate their smartphone app experiences with unique services such as way-finding.

Recognising this rapid growth, airports are competing to release smartphone apps that improve the airport experience in various ways. Our current Airport Marketing BenchMark Report features 5 of the very best airport apps including the +1 million download app courtesy of Changi Airport, wayfinding apps from Copenhagen, Luton & Adelaide and the app that’s raising brand awareness at DFW.

Will all airports join Google’s initiative or will airports see the commercial value in wayfinding apps that drive travel retail? Which airport app battles its way through the clutter and onto your smartphone? And what should the ultimate airport app contain?

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David McMullen

David McMullen

David McMullen was VP, Airports at SimpliFlying from February 2013 to October 2014. Following 5 successful years leading the award-winning Routesonline platform, working with airports of all sizes in route development strategy and marketing communications, he joined SimpliFlying at the beginning of 2013. Assisting hundreds of airports to develop their online presence, David's career has taken him all over the world and he has been lucky enough to meet some of the most amazing people and work in some of the most inspiring places. He has a real enthusiasm for social networking/social media, plus all things digital. His passion for sport, travel and learning about new cultures has enabled him to practice snowboarding throughout Europe and qualify as an advanced scuba diver on the Great Barrier Reef.
David McMullen
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