Research Survey: Airline Social Media Outlook 2013-2014 Survey

How Airlines Dedicate Resources to Social Media

How do airlines manage their budget for social media?

How much manpower do they allocate for social media?

How do airlines make sense of social media and map it back to their business goals?

These are just a few of the questions that we seek to find answers to. Committed to providing greater insights into airline social media marketing, SimpliFlying conducts an in-depth survey annually with airline executives around the world to find out how airline business goals are being driven on social media, the commitment of resources to manning social media efforts, and the evolving role social media is expected to play for airlines over the next year. Here is an example of the resultant report and infographic, as well as videographic, from last year.

Join our survey for Airline Social Media Outlook 2013-2014!

This month, we are once again embarking on our annual research initiative and would like to invite airline executives to participate in this survey. In return, survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the premium report before it becomes publicly available. The Airline Social Media Outlook 2013- 2014 Report will feature in-depth analysis of exclusive insights from the survey. In addition, our subject-matter experts provide recommendations, based on latest trends around the key aspects of resource allocation, on how airlines on social media can take their game to the next level.

If you are a Manager or Head of Marketing, Corporate Communications, or Social Media at an Airline, do join us in this survey!

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Videographic: Airline Social Media Outlook 2012-2013

In the mean time, here’s a recap of last year’s valuable findings in our videographic from last year’s Airline Social Media Outlook. Enjoy!


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