[Report & Infographic] Airline Social Media Outlook 2012/ 2013: Resource allocation, Challenges and ROI

To understand what happens behind-the-scenes at the best airlines on social media, SimpliFlying conducted an original survey with 29 of the most social-savvy airlines around the world. Airline Social Media Outlook 2012 delves into how airlines dedicate resources to social media in terms of budgets and staffing. It also answers key questions about the challenges airlines face and how ROI is calculated. Finally, we project how the landscape is expected to evolve in the near future.


Key findings

In our research, we found that:

  • Over 75% of airlines invest more than 90 man-hours per month on social media
  • About 85% of the airlines adopt a cross-functional model, with customer service emerging as the most common cross-functional role.
  • The budgets for social media span a very wide range from a few thousand dollars to more than a million dollars.
  • Many airlines have mapped the value of social media performance to business goals, among which the top three are 1) brand engagement 2) customer service 3) revenue.
  • The biggest challenge faced by airlines is the insufficient allocation of resources to social media.
  • Over 70% of the airlines surveyed plan to increase their social media budget in the next year. (This is almost a two-fold increase compared to a year ago when only 40% of the airlines surveyed planned to expand their social media teams.)

Premium Report

How can your airline allocate budget efficiently to cater for the rapidly evolving social media field?

Should you have resources dedicated only to social media or should you go for a cross-functional model? 

What are some ways to measure benefits from investing in social media (ROI)?

More importantly, what do the statistics mean and how can your airline pick up the cues from other airlines to get ahead in the industry?

Want answers to the above questions for your airlines’ social media strategy? Our premium Airline Social Media Outlook 2012 Report features in-depth analysis of exclusive insights from the survey. In addition, our subject-matter experts provide recommendations, based on latest trends around the key aspects of resource allocation, on how airlines on social media can take their game to the next level. The report is available for an early-bird price of $249. 

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For a quick overview of our key findings, here is an infographic (click here for an expanded view).

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