Five Best Airline Marketing Campaigns From 2017

With social media already becoming a mainstream function at many airline marketing departments, this year we at SimpliFlying have noticed more airlines getting original on social media to resonate with their target audiences.

This year, a total of 120 creative airline marketing campaigns have been featured in our Monthly Airline Marketing Benchmark Reports. Here we have shortlisted five most innovative and compelling initiatives we have seen.


Best Airline Marketing Campaigns From 2017

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Royal Jordanian Airlines: Ban Voyage
Royal Jordanian Airlines has a track record of making light of Donald Trump’s pronouncements about passengers from the Muslim world being banned from entering the USA. Earlier this year, RJ got our attention for an ad in response to US courts putting a block on Donald Trump’s ban on travellers from seven mainly Muslim countries.

Turkish Airlines: #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia
If for whatever reason you want to fly to Somalia, only one major international carrier will get you there – Turkish Airlines. As a result, in the second half of March, we saw the airline becoming the focus of a celebrity-led campaign to deliver aid to Somalia.

Delta Air Lines: The Delta Dating Wall
Did you know that looking like a ‘World Traveller’ is more likely to get you noticed on dating sites? This insight formed the basis of a fantastic campaign by Delta — the #DeltaDatingWall, created in association with mobile dating app ‘Tinder’.

Finavia and Finnair: #LifeinHel
Helsinki Airport operator Finavia, along with Finnair, created a campaign to reach both Chinese and Western audiences. They invited a Chinese TV personality Ryan Zhu to do a 30-day stint where he took up residence in the non-Schengen area of HEL. Ryan’s mission is to find out whether Helsinki Airport really is “the best airport in the world.”

S7 Airlines: I am you
Russian airline S7 has over the past few years established a track record of launching some high impact and really innovative marketing campaigns. “I am you” is an ad which marketing magazine Campaign says ‘stands out in the air travel category’, and we agree with them. In it, the airline contrasts the fake, manufactured experiences of the digital world with actually seeing and experiencing things for real.


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Baiba Dreimane

Baiba Dreimane

Project Manager at SimpliFlying
Baiba Dreimane manages SimpliFlying's digital products and consulting projects to guide airlines through their concerns. She joined the team in 2016 and has since managed a multitude of projects internationally, including research and consulting projects for SimpliFlying's global clients, Airline Marketing Innovation Labs in places like Miami, Singapore and London, SimpliFlying's Annual Awards in London, among other projects. With a deep interest in digital innovation and design, she has tried her hand at founding a MarTech startup and has created one of the top travel micro-influencer profiles in Valencia, Spain, where she resides now.
Baiba Dreimane
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