Duncan Bureau on Etihad Airways’ COVID-19 testing and sanitization strategy

It is important for airlines to re-build traveller confidence. Some, like Etihad Airways, are going above and beyond in terms of the measures they are taking, as we learned in our conversation with Duncan Bureau, SVP Sales & Distribution.

Duncan shared with us how Etihad Airways has been reassuring passengers step-by-step through cleanliness and biosafety measures, some of which we outlined in our Rise of Sanitised Travel report.

First, Etihad introduced a “Wellness Ambassadors” program, becoming the first airline in the world with such kind of service. A specially trained team of Wellness Ambassadors, which is always on hand to answer questions and share advice on staying safe during the trip, is at the heart of this program.

Then the airline came up with free COVID insurance for all passengers of all service classes — a bold move assuming how much it can cost to bear additional liability during the global crisis. Yet, it’s something that provides peace of mind.

The latest measure Etihad Airways has taken to boost confidence is to offer a free PCR COVID-19 test for all departing passengers at their Abu Dhabi hub airport.

While some may consider these measures quite lavish, since much of the industry is in “cash preservation mode”, Duncan shared with us why Etihad is doing so. He shared the vision behind these initiatives. We invite you to watch the video interview with Duncan Bureau and participate in the discussion over on LinkedIn.

In this interview, you will learn:

  • Why Etihad Airways has decided to introduce free PCR tests for all passengers;
  • How the airline plans a return on their investments
  • What unites all recent Etihad initiatives;
  • Long-term VS short-term perspective benefits — what Etihad chooses;
  • Why working with partners becomes crucially important to restore air travel.

Ultimately, bold vision is only as good as its execution. Making thing happen, in turn, requires thorough execution by a talented team. SimpliFlying gives out kudos to Duncan and his Etihad team for their fantastic job in attempting to revive global air travel.

At SimpliFlying we are also looking for ways to kickstart aviation. We can help you get started with your COVID-19 Testing strategy. You can learn more in our report and get in touch with our Rapid Response Team.

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