How Air Tahiti Nui is carving a niche with its Tahitian Dreamliner – Interview with Jessy Salmon

Air Tahiti Nui is the national airline of Tahiti – home to the famous Bora Bora islands in French Polynesia. The airline is the envy of regional rivals, having built a strong brand linked to a leisure destination. Now, it has received its first 787, with which it hopes to improve things further. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessy Salmon who leads Digital Business at the airline about how Air Tahiti Nui is re-thinking travel with its Tahitian Dreamliner and the importance of CRM in a leisure market.
In the interview, Jessy shares a few key nuggets of wisdom that make Air Tahiti Nui a unique niche carrier.

When I asked Jessy how the new design on the livery is translated into actual experience, his answer was a pleasant surprise. He told me that every passenger is handed the Tiare flower upon boarding the aircraft (which is also on the tail!). All galleys have decals with visuals from Tahiti.

[easy-tweet tweet=”Imagine getting on board the aircraft, feeling you’re already in Tahiti – with the visuals and the fragrance of the Tiare!”]

Perhaps next step for Air Tahiti Nui would be to add some sand from their beaches 🙂


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