Airlines on Twitter in May 2011: AirAsia and TAM Brazil hot on the heels of Delta Airlines

Continuing our coverage and analysis of the dynamic social media landscape for airlines, we’ve released the May 2011 Airlines on Twitter report with Eezeer. Data around airlines on Twitter this month reveals a few stark facts:

  1. 99.9% of all tweets are about service item issues – like flight delays, baggage inquiries and other customer service issues that’d typically go to the call center. Ironically, only 13% of all resources at airlines are dedicated from customer service departments typically.
  2. While the number of airlines on Twitter has reaching the 200 mark, at 189, 27 of all airlines still make up 80% of the tweets
  3. While Delta still remains the airline receiving and sending most tweets, it only replied to 17% of the tweets it received, up from compared to 11% last month
  4. Porter Airlines of Canada has the highest global satisfaction score of 111.8 this month, and till date, unseating Air New Zealand, which scored 107.6 last month
  5. AirAsia this month not only became the first airline outside of the US to have a million Facebook fans, it also remains at #2 in terms of mentions on Twitter, followed by TAM Brazil.

More interesting data and facts in the infographic below. Enjoy!

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