Webinar: How Airlines are Building Real-World Relationships with their Fans (and Why it’s Critical)

Is having a large number of fans enough? What comes next?  Last week, SimpliFlying’s CEO, Shashank Nigam, answered this and many more thought-provoking questions in an exclusive webinar dedicated to building real-world relationship with customers. The webinar, hosted by Web Event Solutions, took place last week and saw the participation of people from all over the world.

For those of you who missed it, a free, recorded version of this webinar is available here.

Highlights of the webinar:


  • 9 case studies with both positive and negative examples
  • The relative importance of fan/follower numbers
  • Building real-world relationships
  • Crowdsourcing and fan participation
  • The way forward



We hope you enjoyed our webinar. If your airline or airport would like to learn more about building profitable relationships with your customers, please write to us at engage@simpliflying.com.


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