Why do I regret having never flown Southwest? It’s the humor!

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I wrote about value-addition to bring in revenues yesterday. The best value addition to a customer’s brand experience is emotional. And the best value addition brings in revenues in more ways than one – like through sustained customer loyalty. After all, Southwest has been one of the most profitable airlines in the world for a long time.

A reader wrote to me recently that he was disappointed that I’ve never flown Southwest. Well, I am too! They didn’t fly from Boston all the time I lived there.

But why do I regret it? Because I feel I’ve missed out on the fun of flying with Southwest. Here’s what I feel puts Southwest in a class of its own. Just like Singapore Airlines “brings back the romance of travel”, I think Southwest “brings back the fun of travel” (and you can quote me on that!).

Enjoy the candid in-flight videos!

Here’s another…

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  • James

    I took a flight on Southwest and it really was enjoyable. It was over 10 years ago and I still remember a joke a flight attendant made during the safety announcement. When she put on the life vest she said pull the cord and swim like hell. It made everyone laugh.

  • Jiming Lindal

    Agree on the “emotional” part, but aside from that, they also succeed in consumer focus (flex ticket re-use policy), logistics (majority of flights are on-time) and people management (hospitality cannot be faked).

  • A.J. Olson

    Southwest Airlines provided me with one of the most memorable flights I will ever have. It wasn’t one that everybody would appreciate but it was the most fun for me.

    My flight didn’t involve a signing or rhyming flight attendant. Instead it involved a pair of younger flight attendants on a lightly-loaded evening flight from Phoenix to Denver that just wanted to have a little fun. I was sitting in my seat, next to the window of course, with the aisle to myself reading my magazine. More often than not when I fly, especially on the evening trips, I put my headphones on and try to nap. But during this flight I’d met a guy standing in line that went to the same school I did and we were having a good conversation. He sat in the row right behind me and we continued on for awhile before I started on my magazine.

    Maybe half way in to the flight I was hit from behind by a Goldfish cracker. I turned around and glared at the guy in the row behind me that I’d been talking to earlier. He gave me an guilty-innocent grin and I turned back around. A couple seconds later I was hit with a second cracker. I turned around again and noticed one of the flight attendants popping her head up from an empty seat a few rows back.

    The rest of the flight was filled with childish games and flying crackers and peanuts.

    I didn’t do anything to provoke the cracker war but I am a laid back guy that likes to have fun and takes offense to very little. That Southwest flight involved things I never expected and I figure is the most fun one I’ll ever have. Perhaps until the next time I fly Southwest! I love the airline and wish they’d come serve the Wichita market!

  • Debi Prasanna Kar

    truely an amazing idea and a fun to even watch

  • Shannon Pedder

    That is great- thank you for sharing! I actually just booked a flight on Southwest today.

  • Shishir Nigam

    Now I’m looking forward to my Southwest flight! Buffalo to Chicago πŸ˜‰

    • Shashank Nigam

      @Shishir: Do share your experiences with us at SimpliFlying!

  • Joe Vibbert

    They do make it fun…..thanks for finding these and sharing.

  • Elizabeth Clark


  • Addison Schonland

    100% correct – its precisely this sort of happy employee that makes flying Southwest awesome compared to the rest – Virgin America excepted.

  • David Scarlatti

    nice videos!! Thanks for sharing.

  • Nancy Lightsey

    Thanks for the smile this morning! Those were great! As a loyal Southwest traveller I have thoroughly enjoyed the humor and professionalism of their flight attendants over the years. And, yes, one can go hand in hand with the other. Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Shashank Nigam

    @Nancy, glad that I could bring a smile to your face to start off the weekend!

  • Susan Smith

    Although it means dating myself, I started flying Southwest when the flight attendants wore go-go boots and hot pants and if you booked a weekday round trip, they gave you a full-size bottle of Jack Daniels as you boarded the plane. They have always had a sense of fun, a great price and the about the best on-time record in the industry. Its why they have remained successful.

  • Dirk Wiesemann

    Perfect. I love it.

  • Dileep

    I am looking to travelling Southwest too during my next trip to US.

  • Chipo Mugomba

    Hi Shashank,

    Great video – now i’m tempted to head to the US just to fly southwest airlines πŸ™‚

    Also good to have stumbled across your blog.


  • Joseph Grindstaff

    As a SWA flight attendant, I am glad to be able to provide a little laughter in someone’s day. Everyday that I work on a SWA jet, I meet hundreds of people traveling for many reasons to countless destinations. How fortunate I feel that at the end of the flight, someone comes up to me and says thanks for making this so much fun. What job is better than that? I don’t speak for the company or the 9,700+ flight attendants at SWA, but I believe we would all say to you, it is our pleasure.

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  • Reply

    Very humorous videos.

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    I meet hundreds of people traveling for many reasons to countless destinations.

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