Airline Social Media Outlook 2019 Reveals How Airlines Are Tackling Social Media

The future lies in ensuring that airlines can use social media data and convert them into actionable insights that will yield closer relationships with customers through greater personalisation.

However, before this can be achieved, airlines require significant investment in resources and specialised training, especially with regards to social media data being used. 

For the past eight years, SimpliFlying has surveyed airline professionals globally to get their perspectives on the present and the future of social media’s impact on the industry. We publish our findings based on the survey in our annual Social Media Outlook Report.

The objectives of this report are to help airlines stay abreast of the latest trends, to benchmark themselves against the competition and make informed decisions. We enable this by presenting findings, trends and actionable insights derived from the survey data in an easy to understand format. 

In the 2019 report, professionals from 52 airlines from six continents participated in our survey. Over 40% of the participants were senior executives, indicating that the responses have strong intent. 


  • Social media teams are getting bigger. Three years ago, social media teams with less than five people were found in over 60% of the airlines. In 2019, this number will stand at just over 30% 
  • Social media is becoming important to the C-Suite with 76% of respondents believing that it has gained importance. This is likely due to the recent high-profile social media crises airlines have dealt with. This also settles the debate that social media was not a passing fad. 
  • Budgets are on the rise. Over 60% of respondents indicated that social media budgets are likely to rise in 2019. The key reasons for the budget increase were advertising spend (40%) and the acquisition of new tools (34%). 
  • Social customer service is becoming more important. Customer service teams are now involved in the social media efforts of 44% of airlines, up from 26% last year. Metrics have also improved with an increased focus on resolution times and resolution rates. 
  • The search for ROI remains a primary concern for 61% of C-level respondents. This can be tough since many airlines do not track the funnel from social media through the booking path and a lot of resources go in non-revenue generating areas like customer service.

To help airline executives plan their social media budget and activities better for the coming year 2019, we have put together a comprehensive 32-page report, as well as an infographic – all sharing key findings from this survey research.


SimpliFlying Social Media Outlook infographic 2019

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