Airlines on Twitter Monthly Report for August 2011: Cebu Pacific joins the big league and scores high!

SimpliFlying is back with the  Monthly Twitter Report for airlines (in partnership with Eezeer) for August 2011 in continuation with our coverage and analysis of the dynamic social media landscape for airlines.

After close to 6 months of reporting monthly on how airlines are using Twitter, we can safely say that apart from Facebook, Twitter is the social media platform of choice for most airlines. The number of tweets sent and received has been rising in general for months in a row. Airlines have also become more forthcoming as well as responsive.

This month, while the usual suspects (Delta and JetBlue) are once again on the list of top engagers, Cebu Pacific absolutely storms into the list. Not only is it placed second on the list of airlines receiving the most number of public tweets, it also scores the highest in the Global Satisfaction Score with a score of 106.7. (For more details, see the infographic.)

A number of facts are immediately clear from this report:

  1. As we’ve mentioned, Cebu Pacific is second on the list of airlines receiving the most number of public tweets with more than 11,000 to its name. However, Delta Air Lines is once again literally burning the competition. To put things in perspective, it received almost 28,000 tweets. That is 2.5x of the no. 2 airline and 3.5x of the third on the list: JetBlue.
  2. Even though airlines have been, in general, using Twitter more than before there was a slightly surprising drop in the number of public tweets this month. Compared to March 2011, the number of tweets in August were up by 37% compared to 51% for July. All the more surprising since we’ve had a rather busy month on the internet (see below). (This does not change the fact, however, that Twitter is being used more actively in general.)
  3. Delta Air Lines still sends and receives the most number of tweets, which has been the trend since the first report. I’m tempted to add in a *yawn* here. Because really, they’ve been quite brilliant in handling social media and have literally pioneered the new media active customer engagement model!
  4. Just over 40% of all airlines accounts on Twitter tweet actively. In effect, in August 2011, 105 airlines were not tweeting actively even though they have Twitter accounts.
  5. In the UK, British Airways (somewhat expectedly) is the most followed airline, with over 260,000 people following the airline’s tweets.
  6. Hurricane Irene and the earthquake on the East Coast let loose a flurry of conversations on Twitter, especially among airlines. More than 5000 tweets about Hurricane Irene were published over 4 days. Interestingly, 21.6% of those tweets involved a mention of Delta Air Lines! To learn more about how airlines responded to the earthquake and hurricane, see our special case-pack here.

For more insights, check out the infographic and let us know what you thought about it. Is there something you agree with? Disagree? Are there any figures that you’d like to see in next month’s infographic? Comment or tweet us @simpliflying and let us know. You can also view our previous Monthly Twitter Reports for July here, June here and May here. More airline infographics can be viewed here.

The airlines on Twitter report is produced by eezeerdatalab in association with SimpliFlying.

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