Seven recommendations for restarting travel

Our latest White Paper is out, and as part of that we put together seven recommendations for an air travel restart:

1 – The industry should proactively engage with fears about the transport of the virus. as this, and not in-flight transmission, is what causes border closures.

2 – Reopenings need to happen step by step alongside increasing vaccinations and dropping Covid case rates.

3 – The industry should agree on a ‘trigger’ at which point green routes can be established.

We’ve put forward a 50-50 proposal: 50% of adults to be vaccinated and new cases to be below 50 in 100,000 (the CDC definition of a country being low or medium risk).

4 – For those not yet vaccinated, a double test system should apply, similar to that used by EL AL earlier in the week in its TLV – JFK flight, where a PCR test before departure was supplemented by an antigen test at the airport.

5 – The industry should coalesce around a common health pass standard, ideally the IATA Travel Pass

6 – Airlines should promote widespread vaccine advocacy, it’s in the industry’s interest for the vaccine gap between the Global North and South to be narrowed.

7 – The industry should treat pandemics like it does sustainability, with a long term plan and strategy

Want to know more? Our position paper is free to download, click here to go to the download page.

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