The Rise of Sanitised Travel: 70 areas of the passenger journey set to change forever

Today we released our latest report called “The Rise of Sanitised Travel”, where we have detailed over 70 different areas in the passenger journey that are expected to either change or to be introduced from scratch, to restore confidence in flying after COVID-19. We have launched an infographic highlighting some of the most important touch-points which you can download here.

According to SimpliFlying CEO and founder Shashank Nigam:

“9/11 changed travel completely with added security checks and longer check-in times. The impact of COVID-19 on air travel will be even more far-reaching.”

Special sections featured in the report include:

  1. The touchless cabin
  2. In-flight janitor
  3. The end of the 30-minute turn
  4. End of the printed in-flight magazine
  5. All bags to be “Sanitagged”
  6. The THA: Transport Health Authority

While you can expect existing touchpoints to remain in place, a number of areas will be changed and modified to accommodate the new reality. Here is a sneak-peak into our report, showcasing a few of the new areas you can be expected to see the next time you fly: 

Check-in terminals

The current touch screen check-in kiosks will be replaced by touchless check-in kiosks, where you either check-in by scanning a code, gestures or even through voice commands. Other measures will include protective barriers for staff and “sanitagging” bags. 

The Rise of Sanitised Travel, SimpliFlying

The touchless, sanitised cabin

After 9/11 many airlines introduced in-flight Sky Marshalls.  Post COVID-19 we could see the introduction of the in-flight janitor, who especially on longer flights, will keep the cabin clean, especially high-touch areas like toilet door handles.

The Rise of Sanitised Travel, SimpliFlying

To get the full report on “The Rise of Sanitised Travel” and the infographic, please visit our dedicated site here.

Rapid Response Team - SimpliFlying - The Rise of Sanitised Travel - Covid-19

SimpliFlying has set up a Rapid Response Team to help airlines be ready for post-corona travel’s realities. The team has been holding Board-level briefings to orient executives with the new touchpoints. We will be happy to do a 30-minute call with your executive team to run through the detailed post-corona customer journey map. In order to help the industry, these calls are free for airlines and airports. Get in touch to set up a call.

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