Singapore Airlines, still a great way to fly? A brand analysis

When compared with other airlines in the region and around the world, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is by far one of the best in terms of product and service. The multitude of travel industry awards over the years is proof of this fact. But things can get contentious when SIA is compared against itself, over time

Five clever ways to earn frequent flier miles for upgrades

Some of us have jobs important enough to fly business class frequently. Are the rest of us destined to be packed into cattle class unless we pay an arm and a leg for business? Not really, even when it is generally getting more difficult to earn and claim Frequent Flier miles. But frequent fliers are

Which airline has the best First Class product?

Airlines often showcase their First Class products to set themselves apart, and attract masses’ attention. After all, it provides great brand leverage, as many people aspire to get there one day and fly First. But First Class is either a dying flying style, or has gotten more exclusive than ever before, depending on how one

Three reasons why Qantas missed a branding opportunity with A380

Qantas became the third airline to take delivery of the Airbus A380 aircraft last Friday, after Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Qantas has ordered 20 A380 planes from Airbus, the first of which will enter service from October 20, initially flying between Sydney/Melbourne and Los Angeles but in January next year expanding to the Sydney-Singapore and

The best Airbus A380 commercial: Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Qantas?

Which of the first few airlines operating the Airbus A380 have come up with the best advertisements? You be the judge. Personally, I’d rate Emirates’ and Singapore Airlines’ advertisements far above Qantas’. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 advertisement Emirates Airbus A380 advertisement Qantas Airbus A380 advertisement

Air New Zealand sets new standards in building a green airline brand of the future

On September 12, 2008, Air New Zealand flew from Auckland to San Francisco in what 270 passengers believed was just a regular flight. But just before take-off, they were informed that they were part of an experiment to fly green. By the end of the flight, the experiment cut waiting time, trimmed flying time, saved

Why Virgin Atlantic Airways is not "on the brink of collapse"

Image via CrunchBase, source unknown A recent article on The Sietch Blog claims that Virgin Atlantic is “on the brink of collapse”. The argument is based on Sir Richard Branson’s recent statements in the press about the threat posed by the BA/AA collusion. On this, an un-named source has commented that it reflects that Virgin

[Interview] Air France-KLM re-thinks airline marketing in Asia with eCommerce Hub in Hong Kong

[Interview] Air France-KLM re-thinks airline marketing in Asia with eCommerce Hub in Hong Kong

As I watched the Live stream of Apple’s iPhone6 and iWatch launch on their website, I couldn’t help but notice the continuous Mandarin translation of the presentation playing simultaneously. There were many who were unhappy about the foreign language overlay, but I thought it was a master-stroke by Apple, to specifically target one its fastest growing target

Three reasons why JetBlue's eBay store is a genius move and why other airlines will follow

Selling air tickets by auction is nothing new. Airlines have done it in the past for one-off charitable causes, like Singapore Airlines’ first A380 flight. There are even sites dedicated to selling air tickets by auction, like and But JetBlue Airways has once again demonstrated that it’s a leader when it comes to

Air Canada's Robert Milton builds brand value through divide and conquer

Image via Wikipedia In his autobiography, “Straight from the top – The truth about Air Canada“, Robert Milton – the former CEO of the airline – concludes, “There is no reward in life without risk, and there are times in our lives when we must all balance risk against reward and make a decision accordingly,

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