What makes Alaska Airlines a lovable airline brand? In conversation with Greg Latimer

Once in a while, you have a conversation that makes you believe again, that there’s an alternate to trying to nickle-and-dime customers to make money at an airline. That is, by providing such exceptional customer service and brand delivery that people come back to you because they like flying with you. I recently had such

Ryanair’s New Fee To ‘Check In’ & The Real Cost Of Some Low Cost Carriers

Note: This is a cross-post from Steven Frischling’s Flying with Fish blog, and the original can be read here. Steven Frischling, aka: Fish, is a self employed photographer, and founder of The Travel Strategist, who has flown approximately 1,000,000 miles since he began to track his mileage 2005. ————————————- Everyday hundreds of thousands of travellers

Is Premium Economy here to stay? A brand review of All Nippon Airlines

I flew the Premium Economy class on the Japanese All Nippon Airlines when flew back from New York (JFK) to Singapore, via Tokyo a few weeks ago. This wasn’t the first time that I was flying this Economy+ class, as I often flew Singapore Airlines’ Executive Economy from Singapore to Newark, which has now been

Singapore Airlines' impasse with Flight Center – and what it means for the brand

It’s been a fascinating day, as an outside observer of the impasse between Singapore Airlines and Flight Center – one of Australia’s largest and most powerful travel agents (they’re actually much more than just an agent). The Contradictions – SIA vs Flight Center Late last night, SIA sent out an email to its Australian frequent

Regional Airlines: Are Pilots Qualified? || Cross-post from JetWhine

I’d like to introduce you to another industry blogger I think you should know, Rob Mark from Jetwhine.com in Chicago. We’ve decided to begin a little cross-posting here at SimpliFlying and at Jetwhine. A commercial pilot and journalist, Rob has been writing Jetwhine as the blog of “aviation buzz and bold opinion,” for two and

Did you know ‘Aha Trees’ grow at airports? A great way to do brand research

***This is a Guest Post. Please see below for author info*** I’m a firm believer in quality research. But I don’t believe you need large research budgets to discover a key consumer insight for your brand. All you need is a plane ticket, common sense and passable social skills. And yes, your ‘target group’ should

Airline brands must understand that social media is like a BBQ cookout party

I’ve been seeing a lot of airlines jump into social media lately – especially on Twitter. But once they do that, most of them run around like a headless chicken – or at least that how it appears to the outsider viewer. Let me share with you a couple of examples. Emirates Airlines – which

Olympic Airways hilarious safety video spoof (I can't stop laughing!)

SimpliFlying’s brand new look calls for some celebration right? So to bring a smile on your face, let me share a hilarious safety video spoof on Olympic Airlines, the Greek national carrier. It’s not just the accent or the comparisons with other airlines, but just the whole script that just makes you laugh! Thanks to

Everyflight.com brand campaign for AirTran's wifi launch – exclusive interview

AirTran, the American low-cost carrier, announced a couple of days back that it’s launching wifi on every single one of its 136 planes by mid-July. It wasn’t just the scale or speed of the implementation that startled many, but also how the announcement was preceded by a very innovative social media brand campaign. And I

Here is why JetBlue is the most loved airline brand on Twitter

Image by brentdanley via Flickr Did you know that JetBlue has over 507,000 followers on Twitter? (as of 13 May, 2009). Yes, that’s more than half a million “fans” of the brand who choose to be exposed to the airline’s 140 character-long short messages. And this is almost 20 times greater than the second most

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